Top 10 Most Used Commands - December

❯ history | awk '{print $2}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r | head                                    htdocs/git/master
2354 git
2244 ls
1233 cd
 228 cat
 196 subl
 196 grunt
 148 l
 132 npm
 104 brew
  97 vi
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Browser Internals

I'm trying to learn more about how browsers work and advise any front-facing engineer to learn about it as well. It really does help solve a lot of problems that you wouldn't of necessarily thought about. This especially when it comes to reading the nitty-gritty details in your Chrome Dev Tools, for example.

I'm super ADD, so if you can't fully read through this amazingly insightful article by Tali Garsiel and Paul Irish, Tali also has a video from her presentation at Front-Trends 2012 titled "How browsers work internally," regarding the same context, which is a lot easier to follow.

Another really good video is "Jank Busters: Building Performant Web Apps," from Google I/O 2012, which goes into details of monitoring and resolving jank (from the Latin, Jankiness Maximus) using Dev Tools. It's incredibly insightful and I learned some things about how to properly read it, which I could not previously decipher.

I kinda kept going crazy with my long list of front-end related feeds and am constantly bookmarking things. Some more insightful things I've recently Pocket'ed were:

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